East of  Amsterdam a new archipelago is created: the Marker Wadden.

The area is until now the Markermeer (Marker Lake), a 700 km2 freshwater lake. In 1976 this lake was split off from the IJsselmeer by a large dike and it ought to have been a polder: the Markerwaard (Marker Polder).

The silt problem

But since then, plans have changed and it remained a lake. But silt accumulated on the lake floor suffocating water plants and other organisms and causing the decline of bird and fish populations. The lake became a dead lake.

Islands, marshes and mudflats

That’s why the Dutch society for the preservation of nature monuments Natuurmonumenten and the Department of Public Works, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have decided to restore the Markermeer into a new ecosystem wih islands, marshes and mudflats: the Marker Wadden (Marker Mudflats).

In the near future, one of the islands will be open to the public. Then  you can experience the creation of the archipelago from nearby.

Photo: the contours of the first island in the Marker Wadden. By Straystone fotografie.