Discover one of the oldest protected nature reserves in the Netherlands at daybreak: the Naardermeer.  Spot many waterbirds like  purple herons and black sterns and enjoy the beautiful flora with reed and orchids.

Experience the start of a new day aboard a noiseless boat and find out that a colony of cormorants isn’t noiseless at all early in the morning. And maybe, you’ll  see an otter.

The Naardermeer is one of the oldest protected nature reserves in the Netherlands. In the early 20th century the city of Amsterdam wanted to use this area as a landfill. Conservationists protested against these plans. One of them, the botanist Jac P. Thijsse, founded the Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands (Vereniging Natuurmonumenten).

The Society purchased the area in 1905 and thus prevented the destruction of the Naardermeer. Enjoy this beautiful place, and don’t forget your binocular and insect repellent!

Photo: Naardermeer at daybreak by Enric Martinez (CC BY 2.0)