The Dutch calendar

On holiday in the Netherlands? Check the special dates in our calendar!

Celebrated in the three days preceding Ash Wednesday and Lent. Mainly celebrated in the South of the Netherlands.

King’s Day – April 27
It’s the birthday of our king, Willem Alexander. The Netherlands have a day off. Sometimes the party starts already the night before. The people like to celebrate it with selling their superfluous stuff on the street or have a few drinks. At this event, and when our national soccer team plays, we like to dress up in orange, the colour of our monarch.

Liberation Day – May 5
On that day in 1945 the war in the Netherlands ended. It’s celebrated every year with festivals.

Vierdaagse Nijmegen – Third week of July
4 days of walking around the city of Nijmegen accompanied with all kinds of festivities.

Early September – Start cultural season
With outdoor performances in major cities.

Day of the  Open Monument – September second weekend
Thousands of monuments are open to the public free of charge.

December 5 – Sinterklaasavond
It’s a Dutch tradition to sit around with family and friends and see what kind of presents  the ‘Sint’ has brought along for you. Most people get presents accompanied with relevant info about them in rhyme that you have to read out loud. You can also get your present packed in a ‘surprise’. Then it is packed in a funny way. Some are also sent on a search expedition to find their present. But with a bite in a chocolate letter of your first name  or a gingerbread man it’s easily forgotten.




  1. nice! 🙂

  2. Prachtige site! Leuk idee en benadering van ‘Holland’! Hard gewerkt hoor!

    Klein foutje: 26 april is mijn King Bert 1 jarig en onze koning Wim-Lex is op 27 april jarig en wij vieren dan allemaal Koningsdag!

  3. mariska

    looks fine! tip; het paleis den haag/esscher

  4. mariska

    look fine! tip; het paleis den haag/esscher

  5. albert

    Gaaf! Witte fietsen op kroller muller

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